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LVGER-Fvll Villain (Expanded Edition) CD is out! (MOBCLASH)

NY Punk band with Oi! and Metal influences, Chris Blanco (vocals, bass) is also a current member of the classic Oi! NY band The Templars.

LVGER have formed in the end of the last decade and released their debut 12"EP plus the "Fvll Villain" album in 2020. In 2021, a 7" single with a Major Accident cover on the B side and now in 2022 its time to present the album CD version with the 12"EP and 7" as bonus. Since the LVGER material is not easy to find in Europe, this is a cheaper way of getting all their recordings on one disc, stylishly presented in a 6-panel digipak.

They're part of the New Wave of American OI!/Street RocknRoll along with other bands such as Battle Ruins and Vis Vires, that mix the Oi! Punk sound with Metal/Rock influences.

File Under: Street Rock n Roll, Metal-Punk.

For fans of: Motorhead, GBH, Agnostic Front.

(co-released with Back To Front)

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